Strategic communications

with a behavioural approach

Who are we?

Data-driven, insights-led, behaviourally charged.

We are an award-winning, full-service, strategic communications and behavioural insights consultancy, delivering communications and campaigns with organisational impact.

What do we do?

We create meaningful campaigns that work, ensuring audiences:

How do we do it?

Our recommendations are data-driven, our strategies are informed by insights, and our campaigns are measurable.

At Lynn PR, we fuse academic behavioural models and theories with creative campaigns and communications that deliver tangible results for our clients.

Results from the first-ever dedicated pulse check of literacy and adoption of behavioural science in the PR and communications industry have been

Find out how aware and educated our industry is in behavioural science methodologies, and the levels of usage in our practice.
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Our clients

Our clients include public sector organisations and private sector businesses. Here’s a snapshot of who we’ve worked with in the last year.

Our work

support is out there for you

Support is out there for you – Thrive LDN

Lockdown 3 posed an elevated risk to the mental health and wellbeing of Londoners, especially at-risk groups and communities. We were brought in to deliver a targeted, digital campaign that was behaviourally-informed and aimed to increase awareness and engagement with relevant mental health resources, services and support, to support Londoners at this difficult time.

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Our awards

What's going on?

Lynn PR Digital Campaign recognised by GCS’ Public Service Communications Excellence Award

Lynn PR’s behavioural science approach to communications has been recognised, once again, as sector-leading, earning Lynn PR client, Thom Burn and Hertfordshire Health Protection Forum, the Public Service Communications Excellence Award 2021 for the #SaveOurSummer Campaign at the Public Service Communications Academy 2021. The awards allow public sector communicators from across the country to come together, develop key skills and share ideas.

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Standing out from the crowd. The saliency bias.

People only notice something when it stands out to them; otherwise, it is almost invisible. A simple example of this is when you decide to look for a particular make of car, and then you start to see these everywhere. The number of these cars has not suddenly increased. They were always there. It is just your attention to them that has altered. This make of car is now the most noticeable and relevant thing to you. It is salient, so your brain ‘looks’ for it. This is an example of where salience has been brought about by shifting attention to a specific feature.

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