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Are you WEIRD?

You just may be.

No, we’re not being rude. There is a real chance that you are WEIRD. That’s someone who has been raised in a Western, Educated, Industrialised, Rich and Democratic society.

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Fair Rents Campaign

Bron Afon Community Housing, alongside other housing associations in Wales, run an annual tenant consultation (mandated by Welsh Government) to see how tenants perceive their rent, service charges and the level of support provided to them. Usually, this survey generates c.40 responses and is not representative of the entire tenant population.

Lynn PR were brought in to run a behaviourally-informed proactive, social media campaign that seeks to secure increased responses and from a diverse tenant community to support this legislative requirement – in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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GCS best practice guide recognises behavioural science as critical comms discipline

The Government Communications Service (GCS) has published an important best practice guide for professional communicators. ‘The Principles of Behaviour Change Communications’ outlines the practical application of behavioural science in campaigns and communications.

It’s an important piece of work that furthers an insight-led, behaviourally-informed approach to communications, and the impact this can have on organisational outcomes.

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COVID-19 and mental health briefing paper

COVID-19: addressing the long-term impact on mental health in the UK.

“More than two thirds of adults with mental health problems reported that their mental health deteriorated during lockdown… Nearly half of young people aged 13–24 (44%) said that they experienced difficulties getting help for their mental health which made their mental health worse.” (The Mental Health Emergency report, Mind, 2020)

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Helping audiences overcome the Ostrich Effect

The Ostrich Effect happens when people actively avoid information they consider negative or unpleasant. It’s a conflict between our rational mind and the pain we anticipate with our emotional mind.
However, ignoring a problem can lead to incurring higher costs in future.

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Lynn PR supports final leg of Better Bikers Scotland campaign

Lynn PR will be supporting our client Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) to deliver the final leg of the Better Bikers campaign, which aims to encourage motorcyclists in Scotland, particularly those who ride on country roads, to consider taking further training to improve their safety.

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Using behavioural science to build trust

We live in a polarised world, rife with misinformation and disinformation, where trust in government is plummeting.
Now, more than ever, we need to invest in building trust within our communities…
So how can we use Behavioural Science to build trust?

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