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growth in first dose vaccine take-up for 12-15 year olds in south east London



The brief

Our Healthier South East London (OHSEL) and Lynn PR worked together on a targeted, digital campaign to reach specific key audiences across south east London, including Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich, Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark.

Our goal was clear. We needed to urgently support OHSEL’s COVID-19 response to connect with a range of different residents; particularly children and young people aged 12-17 who needed to access their COVID-19 vaccine.

Our existing ‘Over 18? Don’t Miss Your Vaccine’ campaign exceeded all targets. In that campaign, delivered at speed (development 1 week, activation 4 weeks), we had reached over 2M south east London residents aged 18-39 (+329% campaign KPI), generated an engagement rate of 2.48% (5x healthcare average, RivalIQ2021), and in excess of 17K click throughs to our campaign landing page (+296% campaign KPI). More importantly, we helped drive improvements to vaccine take-up amongst residents within this time period, with a 77.8% improvement in take-up for residents aged 18-29.

In order to help OHSEL now reach the 12-17 yr old segment, we needed to extend the ‘Don’t Miss Your Vaccine’ identity to ensure it remained persuasive for this specific audience.

Our campaign extension continued to promote specific behaviours, encouraging eligible audiences to access their first dose vaccine from their schools, via the National Booking System, or at a local walk-in clinic.


Our 12-17 year old extension of the original ‘Don’t Miss Your Vaccine’ campaign was equally as successful.

Behavioural and data insights used to learn and adapt in real-time, combined with segmentation, personalisation, and an intelligently informed channel mix, meant we were able to reach the right individual, with the right message, at the right time.

From an out-takes perspective, we delivered 32,567 unique clicks to the campaign microsite, generating 18,683 page views from 18,615 users to the ‘Children and Young People’ section of the microsite alone.

We met and exceeded our target engagement rate of 1.25%, generating a fantastic 3.88% overall engagement rate across the lifetime of the campaign (over 3x times campaign KPI, and over 7.5x times healthcare average, RivalIQ 2021).

Importantly, we were able to help increase vaccine uptake for 12-15 year olds and 16-17 year olds. By analysing campaign out-takes to real-time vaccine data take-up, we were able to contribute to vaccination increases across the six boroughs in south east London. Over the campaign life-time, we saw a +16.4% growth in first dose vaccine take-up and +7.1% in at risk groups for 12-15 year olds in south east London. We also saw a +3.7% growth in first dose vaccine take-up and +9.2% in second doses for 16-17 year olds during the same time. *Growth figures are un-weighted averages.

Speaking about the Don’t Miss Your Vaccine campaign, Pamela Froggatt, Our Healthier South East London Deputy Director of Communications and Engagement, said: “Vaccination drives are crucial at the moment, and making sure we administer as many doses as possible is essential to help south east London get back to normal. As children and young people are the last group to be invited for their vaccines, effective campaigns like ‘Don’t Miss Your Vaccine’ help us improve vaccination rates across our communities and ultimately, save lives.”

CEO of Lynn PR, Shayoni Lynn, added: “We’re honoured to continue supporting Our Healthier South East London in delivering such an important piece of work that has life-changing consequences. We were able to use existing data and behavioural insights we had cultivated during our work in COVID-19 communications, especially our primary behavioural science research on why young people were hesitant to access the vaccine, which helped us activate the original ‘Don’t Miss Your Vaccine’ campaign within 1 week. These insights informed the campaign extension into other, more specific audiences, including children and young people in south east London. Our research-led methodology demonstrates the power of data and behavioural science in activating real change for urgent public health campaigns.”


We carried out a rapid research phase combining existing data insights into local audiences with our primary behavioural science research into young audiences, existing evidence on this particular challenge, and local qualitative and quantitative insights gathered by OHSEL and its partners. We used the COM-B and TDF frameworks to diagnose behavioural barriers, shining a spotlight on informational, structural and cognitive barriers to behaviour change.

Using our research insights, we:

Reframed the original campaign to be more persuasive to younger audiences, including a campaign strategy with measurable objectives, a refreshed creative suite, and updated messaging matrix.

Revised the channel mix, upweighting delivery on channels like Snapchat and further promoting our content on Reels and Lives. Transformed the campaign landing page (www.nhsselvax.com) into a full microsite, using behavioural design to inform user journey and the decision-making environment (choice architecture). We further reduced friction to key calls to action and ensured that all key elements within the microsite were tracked so we could deploy attribution tracking.

Despite the pace of delivery, we did not sacrifice our science-led methodology, conducting three experiments to understand what content, calls to action, and creatives were most resonant with our new audiences.

The data insights we collected via our experiments were then used to activate our campaign.

We also developed toolkits for our client’s partners to share our campaign on their owned channels, helping us reach more residents and build resonance to our calls to action.