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ostrich close up

Helping audiences overcome the Ostrich Effect

The Ostrich Effect happens when people actively avoid information they consider negative or unpleasant. It’s a conflict between our rational mind and the pain we anticipate with our emotional mind.
However, ignoring a problem can lead to incurring higher costs in future.

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Lynn PR supports final leg of Better Bikers Scotland campaign

Lynn PR will be supporting our client Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) to deliver the final leg of the Better Bikers campaign, which aims to encourage motorcyclists in Scotland, particularly those who ride on country roads, to consider taking further training to improve their safety.

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Using behavioural science to build trust

We live in a polarised world, rife with misinformation and disinformation, where trust in government is plummeting.
Now, more than ever, we need to invest in building trust within our communities…
So how can we use Behavioural Science to build trust?

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End of Year Review 2020

2020 has been, for all of us, an extraordinary year (we won’t use the word unprecedented!) We’ve all found new ways to work, communicate, and continue doing what we love – almost exclusively online.

For Lynn PR, this year has been one of both new and unexpected challenges, whilst presenting many new opportunities and huge potential for growth and expansion. Here we review some of our highlights for 2020, as we continue to look forward with excitement to the possibilities for a successful, growing, remote-working agency that the New Year will bring.

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