Welcome to the Misinformation Cell


False information that is spread without the intent to deceive.


False information that is spread with the intent to harm or deceive.

Conspiracy theory

A belief that a secretive group of individuals is responsible for an event, which is sometimes unexplained.

When people lose faith in facts, campaigns fall on deaf ears

Welcome to the Misinformation Cell - the United Kingdom’s first tailored service for PR, communications and marketing teams. We help clients with the growing threat of misinformation so you can fight back and build immunity within your communities

How we can help you

At Lynn PR, we are combining our behavioural science approach and insights with the latest in counter-misinformation research to offer specialist services to help communications teams fight the ‘infodemic’.

Bespoke consultancy

Targeted campaigns

Training, resources, and briefing packs

We can help you build immunity to misinformation in your target audiences and increase their faith in your fact-based messaging.

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