YOU HAVE A CHOICE – Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board

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The brief

Cwm Taf Morgannwg UHB (CTM UHB) and Lynn PR worked together on a targeted, digital campaign to reach audiences across Bridgend, Merthyr Tydfil, and Rhondda Cynon Taf, in Wales. Our goal was clear. We needed to urgently support CTM UHB (and partners’) COVID response:

  • Further improve understanding and implementation of protective behaviours in the community, including after roll-out of the vaccination programme
  • Support vaccination programmes, specifically addressing:
    • Vaccine hesitancy in low uptake groups
  • Improve take-up of testing, including adherence to self-isolation guidelines when waiting for test results, waiting to hear from Test.Trace.Protect. and if test result is positive, adhering to guidelines

We needed to quickly understand the local landscape including our diverse audiences, identify  key behaviours that would drive change, and ensure we worked collaboratively with multiple teams and provided the support needed at this urgent time.


You Have a Choice was a highly successful campaign for the health board, securing high engagement from our audiences and driving them to action. Segmented audiences and targeted delivery helped us get the right message to the right individual at the right time – in turn securing an impressive 57.42% of conversions to key calls to action on the site.

We delivered 18,064 unique clicks to the campaign microsite, generating 17,872 sessions for 17,207 users across the lifetime of the campaign, with specific priority audiences making up 41% of total tracked users arriving at the site via the campaign.

We met and exceeded our target engagement rate, generating a fantastic 9.97% overall engagement rate across the lifetime of the campaign (x6.5 our target KPI of 1.5%, and x19 the sector average for healthcare campaigns). 

Importantly, we were able to evidence a 2% decrease in hesitancy and anti-lockdown sentiment, as well as a 3% increase in willingness to engage with public health instructions, as evidenced by our pre- and post-campaign intent surveys.

As a digital-first campaign, You Have a Choice successfully supported reinforcement of key messages and desired behaviours across target groups at a pivotal period for CTM UHB, as restrictions across the UK begin to be lifted and the risk of over-confidence due to the introduction of COVID-19 vaccines presented a real threat to the progress that has been made in reducing case numbers within our target area. 

Speaking about the You Have a Choice Campaign, Lee Leyshon, Assistant Director Engagement and Communications at Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board, said: “Working with Lynn PR has been incredibly invigorating – we’ve seen first hand the difference behavioural science and data-driven methodologies can have on strategic communications and campaigns! Our You Have a Choice is smashing all targets and we’re engaging with our communities in new ways. 

Lynn PR have worked at great speed to deliver a complex campaign promoting multiple behaviours and across diverse audiences.Their strategic counsel have helped the team better understand and adopt new and innovative approaches to campaign management, for example GCS models and behavioural science frameworks.

Lynn PR have been friendly, flexible and kept us informed every step of the way.”


We carried out a rapid research phase which included desk research, literature review, and consultations with 20+ stakeholders across the three boroughs – a mix of informal interviews, focus groups, and in-depth interviews. We brought our primary research together in our Behavioural Diagnostic which identified target behaviours, showcasing barriers to action using analysis developed with COM-B and TDF frameworks.

It’s difficult to measure outcomes when tackling broad behavioural goals like promoting protective behaviours and decreasing vaccine hesitancy. Therefore, we undertook pre and post campaign intent surveys to explore the impact of change in understanding and beliefs in our target audiences as a result of the campaign.

We identified, mapped, and prioritised audiences to establish targeting profiles, so we could generate the most return on investment on paid media spend.

Using our data and behavioural insights, we: 

  • developed a creative digital communications strategy, setting measurable objectives 
  • Harnessed a positive frame and reminding people of the impact of choices via “You Have a Choice” campaign identity 
  • created a dedicated campaign microsite with segmented landing pages to create a seamless user journey and improve choice architecture

We conducted 3 randomised online trials testing creatives and content. 

We used data insights from the test phase to scale up the campaign.

The campaign was delivered in 4 weeks with real-time monitoring on a daily basis.